Reversal motion picture film is a sculptural media in that the filmmaker cuts away the original medium, the film. There are no dissolves. The actual film is the only extensible object, and suffers scratches and other forms of age.
The actual splice points are amazing moments of decision for the filmmaker, the actual places where the transitions occur. ┬áThe tedious and destructive process of splicing reversal film creates a heightened sense of importance in selecting these “kyros” moments. There is no control-z.
The first set of splices is from a film that was shot at the historic ride on top of the Riche’s building in downtown Atlanta. The Pink Pig was a classic favorite for several generations of children.
Aside from capturing the pig, this film shows a rooftop view of the Atlanta skyline circa 1988, just before the explosion of growth that has reshaped the city.

7 city face2

Splices:  The Pink Pig

8 pink horse2

6 nose city

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