Neil V. Fried

Media Artist. Composer. Producer. Presenter.


Interest in Pigeons. Multimedia essay in Eyedrum Periodically, 2014.

Skies Over the Battle of Atlanta.  Site-specific performance for fund raiser, 2012.

Elevate.  Video projection that interact with Painting by Ed Wenzer and Priscilla Smith above Underground Atlanta, October, 2011.

Plot. Video installation for Black Beckham’s piece, produced by Dance Truck, July, 2011.

Skies Over Atlanta.  Site-specific performance, video, sculptural installation using four projectors at the Inman park festival. Collaborators were Evan Levy, Priscilla Smith, and Jerry Cullum, May, 2010.

Le Flash.Site-specific video installation for Le Flash at Marcia Wood Gallery using The “Encaustic Video” techniques I developed with Monica Duncan for Palimpsest Portraits, October, 2009

Palimpsest Portraits.Video show at Marcia Wood Gallery showing 8 of the Palimpsest Portraits (an ongoing project), September 10 – October 17, 2009.

Real Lush:  Short Stories. Musical compositions for Robin Bernat presented at Whitespace, October 9, 2008.

Gnomon. Gnomon was a multi-disciplinary performance featuring story telling by Jerry Cullum, explanations of symmetry in Albrecht Durer’s engravings by physicist David Findelstein, and new music by Dick Robinson, set in a projection gallery by Neil Fried and Monica Duncan, July 26th, 2008 at Railroad Earth.

Fingers+Codes/The Contemporary Portrait. Presentation of Palimpsest Portraits at Eyedrum, April 28-June 9, 2007.

Make/Shirt. Musical compositions for Robin Bernat presented at Solomon Projects, May 9th, 2007.

Circles of Times. Circle of Times was produced during a three-day workshop with Pauline Oliveros at Railroad Earth. Pauline employed her Extended Instrument System to process musical input. Neil Fried and Monica Duncan processed live and recorded video using Max/MSP/Jitter, transforming a physical architecture into a production set by projecting from inside the house onto the windows, May 13, 2006.

Evidence. Evidence was 45-minute performance installation using multiple projections, live cameras and computer feedback (Max/MSP/Jitter) to explore the mechanics of memory in relationship to the creation of narrative form. It was first performed at Eyedrum, then at the Beyond festival in Buffalo, NewYork, 2005.

The Fire and the Creek. Presentation and manipulation of sound for Pauline Oliveros at Railroad Earth, March 28, 2003

American Pastoral. Musical compositions for Robin Bernat presented at Fay Gold Gallery, 2002.

Third Sunday. In collaboration with AIRI (Artists in Residence International) Railroad Earth hosted an art event every third Sunday from 1997-1999. These featured numerous local artists, both established and emerging, and also other luminaries such as Chris Verene and Pauline Oliveros when they were passing through town.

Eye Tree:Music composition for a printmaking residency and exhibition by Mamuka Japharidze at Railroad Earth: Funded by Artists in Residence International, Atlanta, October 1999.

Altered States:Co-composer of sound environment with Sara Hornbacher for her site-specific installation at Fay Gold Gallery: Atlanta, October 9-Novermer 3, 1999.

Event Horizon:an installation collaboratively designed by Maria Artemis, Marcia Weber, and Neil Fried at Marcia Wood Gallery: Curated by Rebecca Dimling Cochran, July 1998.

Transfigured Time:Co-composer of sound environment with Sara Hornbacher for her site-specific installation at City Gallery at Chastain; Atlanta, January 16-March 8, 1998.

Riverkeeper:Music compositions for the CNN special for TV ASAHI. Japan, about the cleanup of the Hudson River; Producer, Peter Dykstra, 1997.

Baby Love:Music compositions for the PBS/NEA-supported film about teen mothers; Director, Carol Cassidy, 1997

Valence in 27 Breaths:A music piece and visual score composed for the Decatur New Music Festival, exploring the nature of the reed instrument through the deconstruction of the Kreb’s Cycle of respiration. May 26,1996.

Tartilt:Composition and performance with The Gold Sparkle Band, Amiga computer, and spoken-word performer Mick O’Dowd, exploring improvisation and determinacy; Decatur New Music Festival. May 28,1995.

Support the Arts:Director of a public service announcement calling for public support of the arts. The PSA was sponsored by The Woodruff Arts Center. Nexus, and AT&T. and featured the voice-over of Avery Brooks and the music of Arrested Development.

Fillet of School Bus:Director of 16mm film documentary of Evan Levy’s sculptural project of the same name, screened at the City Hall East Gallery and the Castleway Film Festival in Atlanta 1995.

Zygote: a 16mm film collaboration with performance artist Grady Cousins screened in the Castlewav Film Festival in Atlanta and in Los Angeles, 1995.

Equinox and Strange Attractor:Co-curator of art exhibits at the Mattress Factory featuring the works of Maurice Clifford, Voice Crack, Scott Childs, Clark Vreeland, and Rob Mallard, 1995.

Jesus Christ Superstar:Sound design, arrangement and performance of the “The Crucifixion” songin the Indigo Girls adaptation. Performances at South by Southwest Festival in Austin, and On the Warf in Seattle, 1994.

Subsil:Director of a 16mm film-short for Nexus’ Kindling Series Exhibition, curated by Neill Bogan;


My short films were screened at Image Film & Video Center and many local coffee houses, art galleries and cafes. The screenings were accompanied with live music. It was my intention during much of this period to both revisit the early roots of filmmaking, and to bridge film with the work of the Beat Generation writers, 1988-1993.


Co-owner of Railroad Earth,a multi-media design company that produces video, music, education software; presents art in all mediums; and hosts artists residencies, 1996-present.

Adjunct Professor, The Atlanta College of Art,Video II, Spring 1998-1999, 2003-2006.

Composer, Producer, and /Engineerat Chelsea Studios, a recording studio, and production facility, 1988-1996.


City of Atlanta, Bureau of Cultural Affairs,Artist Project Grant for “The Summer the House was Built and Flowers Planted”, a film about memory and personal identity; words by Jennifer Deer, 1997.

Fulton County Arts Councilgrant to assist with the documentary of Evan Levy’.s “Fillet of School Bus Project”, 1995.

City of Atlanta, Bureau of Cultural Affairs,Artist Project Grant for “South by a Frame”, a documentary of performance art in Atlanta in 1990.

Nexus Arts Centergrant to assist with the making of “Subsil”, 1989

City of Atlanta, Bureau of Cultural Affairs,Artist Project Grant for “Parkway Project”, an examination of urban land use, generally, and the Freedom Parkway project specifically, 1988.

Judsen Rea Butler Award,Boston University, 1982.


Merit Award,Boston University, 1981.


Boston University,Associate Degree in Liberal Arts, 1981-1983.

Parsons School of Design, Paris, and The American College in Paris, studies inPerformance

and Conceptual art, early Computer Graphics, and European Government, Spring, 1984.

Georgia State University,BA in Philosophy, 1992-1994.

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